Building Construction

We have a versatile structure that enables us to execute on any building project - based on your timelines and budget. If it's a building, we can raise it up! We major in Real Estate Development and also help with fast-tracking acquisition of building permits from relevant authorities.

Civil Engineering

Our projects team is able to take on any civil engineering project: from earth moving to road leveling, we have both the equipment and expertise to make it happen. We focus on GPS and conventional geodetic control extension services and also on engineering surveys and mineral tenure survey.

Architectural Designs

We provide in-house architectural design consultancy and 3D modeling. Our computing capability includes the AutoCad Civil 3D. Our plots and final drawings are prepared on an 'E' size multi-pen drum plotter. We're fully supported with the latest technical design software for differing spectrum of jobs.

Land Services

We're a leading firm in land surveying and mapping. We sell lands in prime and rapidly developing locations in Ghana to individuals, businesses and organisations with associated project development models and land title registration.

Real Estate Development

We undertake real estate development projects for organisations looking to enter into retail housing. We efficiently construct units to cater for various family sizes.

Equipment Rentals

Our services team allow for the rental of cutting-edge surveying and earth moving equipment. Businesses have different needs and we aim at helping to fulfill this.