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About Beza Consulting Engineers

Beza Consulting Engineers Privet Limited Company is a multi-disciplinary construction-consulting firm established in 2000 by Professional Engineers. It is organized in a favorable environment for providing exemplary high quality qualified consultancy services within a reasonable completion time frame. It focuses mainly on highway engineering works. The firm is directed by Gidey Gebregziabher as General Manager.

About the General Manager

Eng. Gidey Gebregziabher Gebremariam is the owner and the General Manager of the company who is a senior Civil Engineer and has built up variety experience, on the road sector. Mr. Gidey graduated with B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia in 1987, and then was employed for government organization called Transport Construction Design Enterprises (TCDE).

Serving for TCDE for a number of years, and obtaining ample skill in the capacity of Resident Engineer, Material/Pavement Engineer and Contract Engineer, he later joined international road consulting firms like ROUGHTON International of UK, and GAUFF Ingenioure of Germany with whom he worked in Ethiopia and in Uganda respectively.

With this all enough experience, Mr. Gidey established a consulting firm, BEZA Consulting Engineers Plc., with the aim to develop an institution of engineering professionals that can contribute for the infrastructure development of Ethiopian, some African nations and other parts of the world.

Project Services Scope

The scope of professional services that Beza provides, includes the following: project appraisal and feasibility study/review, traffic and axle load surveying and analysis, environmental impact assessment and land acquisition study, topographic surveying, soils and materials investigations & analysis, hydrological/hydraulic analysis, geometric design of roads/review, design & review of bridges and minor drainage structures, pavement design/review and analysis, contract administrations, construction supervisions, preparation of technical reports and documents/review, preparation of complete set of tender documents including plans and drawings, quantity estimation, root selection for new roads, preparation of engineer’s cost estimates.

Core Personnel and Staff

BEZA is currently staffed with a large number of experienced professionals working in various fields of Civil Engineering and internationally certified project managers. The updated technical facilities combined with skill of high culver experts with Bsc, Masters and PhD education level gave the company’s profiles to be the best in Ethiopia and in East Africa in the engineering sector.

We have personnel in these areas: Highway Engineering, Soils & Material Engineering, Structural Engineering, Hydrology/Hydraulics , Contract Administration, Resident Engineers, Transport Economists, Environmentalists, Sociologist/Socio-Economists, Safety Engineers, Geo technical Engineers, Traffic Engineers, Senior Surveying/ Route Location Experts, IT Experts, GPS Experts, Irrigation Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Architects & Building Engineers, Town Planners, Material Technicians & Inspectors

Facilities and Equipment

In addition to the modern office equipment, Beza also has a number of software that are used efficiently and effectively to the satisfaction of clients in various projects. These software include MX-Road, Civil Designer, TERRAMODEL, Auto-CAD, SAP 2000, MapInfo professional, etc.

The design department of the firm is capable of performing detailed topographic and location surveying with its well-experienced staff using the latest surveying instruments. The instruments available in sufficient number include automatic recording total station S/N 118573 LAICA and SOKKIA Power set 2010, Theodolite with all accessories, automatic level with all accessories, Stereoscope, camping facilities (complete).

Funding Institutions

BEZA Consulting Engineers has carried out consulting services fully or partially financed by: Government of Ethiopia, Regional Governments in Ethiopia, African Development Bank, The World Bank, Saudi Fund, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa(BADEA), European Union – EU, Nordic Development Fund – NDF, Government of Uganda, Kenya Road Authority (KRA), Uganda Road Authority, Addis Ababa Road Authority (ACRA)

Beza’s Firm Experiences

Beza Consulting Engineers Plc. has rendered professional services on feasibility study, detailed Engineering investigation and design, design review, construction supervision, contract administration and survey works of roads, bridges, buildings and high tension power lines which enable the company to attain its current high level profile. The Firm has an extensive experience in the road sector and the company’s professionals are well versed and knowledgeable to the conditions of the Eastern Region of Africa.

The Company has provided consultancy services (Feasibility Studies, detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents, and construction supervision) for more than 4,000 km of roads in Ethiopia, and currently it is engaged with 1060 in which 40% of these are international funded roads. There are new roads under study among many one of them is carrying out Feasibility and Detail Engineering Design Studies of 8 lean Adama – Awash Express Highway with a width of 40 Mts, and regular asphalt and gravel Road Project in Ethiopia and other African countries.

BEZA in association with internationally recognized consulting firms, namely Roughton International (UK), SPAN Consultants (India), BKS Global (South Africa) China Express highway (China) and Comptran (Ghana) Galander (Sudan) is undertaking feasibility study/review, detail design/review, tender documents and construction supervision of asphalt roads in Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana and Tanzania.

Power Supply Projects

Beza has been extensively involved in power supply sector, in association with KEC International, India. It has provided consultancy services (survey, design and preparation of plans and drawings) for 132 KV power transmission line between Jimma town and Mizan town, which passes through Bonga town. Similar consultancy service was also provided in association with Jyoti Structures for 66 KV and 152 KV power transmission line between Dire Dawa Town and Jijiga Town, which passes through Harar Town.

More About Us

You can find out more about us here: bezaconsultinc.com